Tuesday, December 4, 2012

NDJR/20 Liters: Day 10

DAY 10 - Got to love technology

The last two days I've been commuting on my Cannondale which has slowly been gaining the name as 'The Rocket Ship' in my mind for the simple reason that this bike would be the closest race-day bike I own - carbon fiber and lightweight/high end components the whole nine yards.  Outside of Red, my Cannondale is my baby - I've ridden the gravel roads of Iowa with it and rode around Lake Michigan this past summer on it.  I have bonded with this bike, I've seen how small amounts of technology and upgrades can be felt and improve.

The timing of switching over to this bike was perfect timing in many ways.

Yesterday I received a check in the mail from another Aunt and Uncle in Iowa supporting this campaign. With their donation, it pushed what has been raised to 121%!!! That's right, I have met the goal and then some and I haven't even gotten reached the 140 mile goal yet! Upon this discovery, I was over on the 20 liters site and saw that they have been improving on the filtering technology which made for an encouraging realization. The new Slow-Sand Filters now can provide 4 families clean water for 10 years!

Yes, that means the original goal of raising $140 to help 7 people, is now going to help around 25 people get clean water!

90 miles to go. I would love it if we could bring in $280 total before I hit the 140 mile mark. Can we do it? Could the simple act of riding a bike, directly effect the lives of 50 people?

I believe it can.


Totals to date:

Miles today: 9.6 miles
Overall miles: 53.6 miles

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