Saturday, July 11, 2009


So you've seen these bikes before in different forms and set ups, but after much thought I believe I've landed on the best possible set up. Here is a quick journey through where these bikes have done starting here to here to here to... [sorry for the picture quality]

My camera died so here is the best I could do for a time lapse of Saturdays project...

So as most of you know the Surly Karate Monkey is a 29er, big wheeled goodness. The Xtracycle kit that I had purchased a good 2 years ago now was for a 26" wheel. I decided to keep the rear wheel from what was on the Giant frame and so you guessed it kids, I'm running a 69er Xtramonkey as I'm calling it. I'm sure it has been done before but the set up is amazing! I can't believe I put up with such an aggressive position previously. Obviously with the larger front wheel it moves the bar positioning up but it's good, dang good! If you're looking into putting a Free Radical on an older bike running 'traditional' geometry or a completely rigid that doesn't have a suspension corrected fork on it it's the least you should do. Your body will thank you!

I might add that the thrill I'm having at running this as a 69er by no means that I support the confused line of bikes offered by a few companies that come stock in this set up. For the mountain application you cannot beat a 29er.


Joe said...

Cool! I had my old Xtracycle set up on a Gary Fisher 29er frame as a 69 once. Looked odd, rode great.

Joe in Iowa

Ryan said...

That came out wayyyy sweet. I'm thinking for mine, I am going to try to build my own kit, much in the same way you did before you bought the xtra cycle kit, I just need to find a junky full suspension bike for a donor.

oldmanandhisbike said...

I really liked the 29er Monkey but this is a sweet ride too. Looks like you have created a new bike type "category". What's next; 69er extra-tandems?

pedalGR said...

I spotted your bike on the internets!

I even saw you riding it at one point, when I was takin' some photos. I thought, that guy MUST be cool. :)

We should start an Xtracycle gang. Have you seen what I did with mine recently?