Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Who's counting the days til January?
This guy, I thought we met!

I did it. I placed the order today for the 2010 Cannondale Flash Carbon 29er 1. I'll be getting the XL frame size and excited to see what the weight will come in for it given that the Large weighed in at 18 LBS. Yes, 18 lbs! 5 lbs lighter than the Super Fly! Crazy!


Ryan said...

Holy crap dude....I was just drooling over that bike online! Congrats!!!!

Captain Bob said...

That is one sweet ride. XL? That seems really big. How tall are you these days.

Can't wait to here more about it.

a.lo said...

I'm the guy who's torso forgot to grow... 36" inseam... 6'6" wing span... 6' tall, 6'1" on a good day.

oldmanandhisbike said...

Pretty darn awesome. I have a singlespeed 29er with a rigid fork and often wonder if I should have gone geared-suspended.
I was looking at the Superfly at one time but that thing is just a tank compared to this! :^)

Rob said...

Yeah, you're just a freak of nature and way cooler than Michael Phelps.

bluecolnago said...

sweet! :)