Sunday, July 19, 2009

Some people have good weekends...

Some people have good weekends, others great... Now, I don't know if I can speak for Geoff on this one fully but as he put it...

'Good start to super week'

And I'd say so... check it out here...

That's right... he won the NorthShore University HealthSystem Grand Prix! I don't know any of the details on how he won but hopefully I can get him to do a recap on here when he's back at the end of the week. I'm sure that he'll have a few stories to share and I'm hoping a few more wins under his belt as he then transitions from CAT 3 to 2.

My weekend was good, no race wins here but just a great two days. One at the shop where the day went fast and today was spent doing the four great R's: relaxing, reading, riding and supporting a race.

Did a little 15 mile ride with a good friend Jenny. It started to rain pretty good and cut the ride in half and because of the water I didn't want to risk messing up my phone so sorry no photos. It was a good spin as we officially marked the calendar for doing the Apple Cider Century in September. We, or should I say I, had an interesting encounter with a traffic cone on the ride though. We cut through the street by the 5/3 Ballpark just north of Grand Rapids and I got a little confused on which way we were going and as Jenny told me to follow the road just in time to take out an innocent cone just doing it's job, dead center. Fortunately, I had a firm grip on the bars and good speed and ran it over. And much like when a car hit one, the cone decided to hang on for a bit and stuck on my left crank arm as I carried it for a few feet further than planned.

Then this evening headed downtown with Tom to help put on this summers first King of the Streets race. It was great time with no crashes but to fun courses from what all the guys said. Jeff Jacobi [picture on the left] ended up taking home the trophy for the fastest times on both the course run. Good times, now just waiting for next weekend to start!

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