Sunday, July 5, 2009

Trains Iowa

Only a few months ago Brian and I attempted Trans Iowa v.5 and since the moment that we called it quits we started talking about how we were going to train and finish Trans Iowa V. 6. We've slowly begun the conversation as to what we want to do each month to get there and so far here is what we've come up with...

_A century a month (dirty or clean) starting August.

Remember, Brian and I are normal guys, simple shop rats for the time being and training for us typically just means getting out on the bike and riding and riding a lot. I am debating investing in a training program come November that will give me direction in the fall.

So far here are a few rides I'm debating doing, hopefully this list will grow longer in the next month:

September 26th - Heck of the North
September 27th - Apple Cider Century

October 3rd - Grand Rapids 60 mile Ride for Refugees

Brian and I are hoping to meet up a few times and go for a few day or days rides if our schedules work out, which may be a bit trickier since Brian and his wife have a baby on the way! All I know is it's good to have the ball rolling.

Hope everyone had a great 4th!

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