Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The NEXT bike.

So I've decided. I would say I'm around the 93% sure mark on whether I'll go through with this or not. But if I had to say yes or no right now, it's definitely a yes.

I'll be getting a 2010 Cannondale Flash Carbon 29er 1.

Over at Twentynineinches.com they have the full line of '10 Cannondale 2ers shown and given probable specs and some have rumored that this will be a sub 20 lbs bike! Crazy, given that the Fisher Superfly without pedals came in at 23 lbs. I guess seeing is believing in this case but regardless, I want to get my hands on one. I know, suprise suprise, I'm not going single speed.

Here's what G.Ted wrote for spec on this beauty...

Carbon fiber comes to Cannondale 29″ers: We’ve been reporting this for a couple weeks now, but here are the details as we know them. First, the spec sheet I have seen is saying that the Flash carbon 29″ers are “Hi-MOD”, which one would asume means that it is “high modulus” carbon fiber. The story is being told now that this isn’t the case, and that “standard modulus” carbon fiber is going to be used in these frames to keep the cost down. (Reportedly between $2500-$3000 for the Flash 29er 1) At any rate, even with the confusion there, the rest of the spec is exciting. The fork is a Lefty Carbon SL with DLR set at 80mm. The stem/steer tube is Cannondale’s SI (System Integrated) set up. The frame is also a BB-30 frame with FSA K-Force Light crank and BB-30 bottom bracket. The drive train consists of SRAM X-0 rear derailluer and shifters with a Shimano XT front mech all working to turn the DT Swiss 240 rear/Lefty SL front hubs laced to Stan’s NoTubes ZTR Arch rims with DT Swiss Aerospeed spokes.

The frame itself is very interesting with flattened chain stay sections mated with minimalistic looking seat stays, presumably to give better vertical compliance. The junction of the top tube to the seat tube is also curiously tapered. The seat post is a Cannondale branded piece that is reportedly using S.A.V.E. technology gained from working with the Synapse line on the road side. Note the flattened, thinner section at mid-post. This is again in an effort to provide more rider comfort. Avid Elixir CR Carbon brakes with a 180frt/160r rotor set up, Fizik Gobi XM with Kium rails, and TruVativ Stylo World Cup 10 degree bar round out the spec highlights here.

I'm already imagining it with a little bit more red on it...


Carl Buchanan said...

Nice choice!!

Tom said...



...more like "Crap n' adamsmellsfunny."

But yeah, that's a heck of a bike.

Flavio said...

I'd like to buy it too, but it's not imported in Italy.