Friday, May 22, 2009

The 'Next' Project...

Just as one project closes... another always begins and the many others remain unfinished. I've stumbled onto this gem a number of times on Craigslist and honestly. I want it. BADLY.

I mean, really, how many people have a spare rickshaw floating around? I don't know of anyone who does, so why not me to fill that void in the universe.

Think about it. Strip it down to frame, get it repainted, new seat and canape [which is a funny word by the way], hook it up with some sweet Velocity B43's, fix the brake and shoot girl! $4,000 later and that's a hot bike. Cruise around downtown GR and make a buck or two.

Now, I just need to find an investor or a sugar-mama!

Seriously, I did just get my hands a Surly Karate Monkey via a trade with Brent [the Head Wrench at the shop] for a Dahon Folding bike and a few other things a couple of days back.

It's the Coleman green that G-Ted's is... but the goal with this bike is to make it the dream commuter/winter bike. I know, we are far from winter but judging how long it's been taking me to get these projects done, I've given myself JUST enough time to completely before the first snow.

This project will be code named 'Night Monkey' in a throw back to the old night crew at Europa in the days of Carl, Jeff, Bottke and a hand full of others. Unlike other projects, less secrecy on this one...

I'll be lacing up some hoops that I've got floating around, the Salsa Delgados. The rear will have a 7 speed internal hub with drum brake and the front will have an Ultrega hub and using rim brakes. I'm undecided on the crank and might transfer over the Race Face that was on the Ferrous that has been taken back down to frame. I also have a Thomson stem and seatpost with an extra B17 on it... so I'm pretty close.

I'm debating on getting it repainted but not for sure on what color might really make it pop and original. So I guess I'm in the market for a headset and that bike might be up before the dog days of summer hit... stellar? I think so...

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