Thursday, May 7, 2009

Go By Bike: Weight Loss

Today's One World, Two Wheels statement concerns weight-loss...

'The average person loses 13 lbs. their first year of commuting by bike'

Now, this is a statement I can attest to. This past year was a big year for me and the bike. I've always loved cycling, loved how the bicycle itself worked but like so many, even though I have worked in a shop since 2000, I didn't make time to ride. I will be the first to admit that I will give up just about everything for the sake of social commitments or friendships. More often than not, I would use that as my excuse from riding or that I was simply burnt out from being around bikes all day [which was a lie].

So back in October of 2007, Brian and I began to talk about a challenge for November, much in the spirit of no shave Novembers but something much more entertaining and less likely to keep the ladies away [hey, I'm single]. From that the first No Drive challenge was birthed. I believe Brian pretty much rocked the whole month and put me to shame, but this month long challenge did make me want to do some thing more drawn out, more long term and with getting Geoff in on it last year, real miles began to be had.

At the start of the challenge [April 2008 I believe] my weight was around 255 to 260 pounds. Like many, I avoid scales so I don't know exactly where I landed on that. My daily commute was 10 miles round trip and with the No Drive Challenge I attempted to drive my car as little as possible. In June, I accidentally sold my car on Craiglist in less than 12 hours. Yeah, I put it on there more to see if I could find any takers or offers. Needless to say, not having a car forced the riding which helped.

I went car-less for around 2 months and it was maybe one of the most freeing times of my life. Money issues weren't a problem, my energy was high, and I looked forward to my rides home on the bike after a long day at the shop since it served as a way to unwind and get all the negativity that we can often carry with us from our job to home to be relieved.

By the end of the challenge in November, my weight had gone down to 220 lbs. I did this simply by riding. I didn't even change my diet which I'm sure would have shown an even greater weight loss. Like many the off-season and winter can be a difficult time not to put on weight and I now come in around 230 pounds.

This season I have around a 3 mile round trip commute at the shop I currently work at and so I'm preparing to be even more intentional about my riding to driving ratio, making more effort to get away from what I'll call the college diet I have been on the last 5 or so years. I'm thinking that come November of this year, I'll be down to around 195 pounds if all goes to plan.

Sure, depending on your body type and the amount of exercise that you currently do the amount of weight will vary but results I promise you will be felt, if not seen for sure!

What's your excuse? Get out and ride!

I'll leave you with a Project Red teaser... more red ano!


Cafn8 said...

It does work. Riding is the only way I've ever been able to lose weight, since I'm generally not able to stop shoving food into my face. Last year over the summer I went from 235 to 210, while eating baseball stadium food several nights per week.

I'll confess that I let myself go a bit over the winter, and gained a few pounds (5ish). To my surprise, when I began riding in early March (daylight savings) I started gaining weight, and am now nearly up to 220. My waist is getting smaller, and my legs harder, though, so I expect that all is OK, and I'll soon level off and go the other way.

I like to eat.
I like to ride.
It works out OK.

Ashok said...
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