Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Years Resolution: The Track Stand.

It's 2009 already, and with the previous year having slipped away so quickly, I think maybe it's time that we start out the year right...and learn something new. For 2009, we're going to learn an easy Track Stand for your fixie in these simple steps:

1. When stopped, make sure that the cranks are parallel to the ground. This means that your feet are level with each other. Generally its easier down the line if your dominant foot is forward.

2. Turn the handlebars towards your front foot. This means that if your right foot is in front on the pedals, turn the handlebars to the right.

3. Lean the bike a little bit to the side you turned the handlebars (if you turned them right, lean the bike right), and the top tube should rest against your front leg. It helps stabilize you.

4. Balance. Keep trying. Look good.

You most likely won't get it the first time, and once you do get will still fall once or twice. Just ask Alo when I fell at a light in Grand Rapids...

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Ryan said...

oh man, that fall was great.