Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Saturday Ride Details

Just a short post today.


Meet Saturday at 9am in front of Cup of Joe in Cedar Falls. Then using Marks suggestion go up to the entrance of Black Hawk Park and pick up Ford Rd. Do that up a few miles and head East. Go to Leversee, head north to the Camp, Go north on Hilton and reprise some of the T.I.V3 route over towards Denver. We could refuel in Denver, and then head West on Marquis to Leversee again and back into CF. That should get us an easy 30 miles with some decent hills in the middle.

30 mile gravel grinder of New Years goodness. Feel free to call me 616-460-4333 or email with questions.

1.1.09 UPDATED: Mark went out onto some of these gravel roads yesterday and says that some of the tentative route aren't really rideable. New route is a great possibility and might have more pavement than gravel. I'll post more tonight or tomorrow morning.

1.2.09 UPDATED: i
f it starts in raining before or right at 9am, NO RIDE. Water on ice is a recipe for disaster. Hopefully it works out though.

1.3.09 UPDATED: Radar looks good until noonish, if you're from around the Cedar Valley hopefully you can make it but be safe and consider the drive home if you have to drive to ride. Hope to see you at Cup of Joe.


john said...

We rode a bunch of gravel yesterday - have to be careful, but it is very "rideable"

and who's a lo?
just john

a.lo said...

Who am I? a.lo

Real Name: Adam Lorenz

Born: Cedar Falls, IA

Former shop rat at Europa Cycle from 2000-2002,2004-2007.

Now? A Michigander. Shop rat at Alger Cyclery, Wyoming Michigan.

bluecolnago said...

good ride, a.lo.

thanks for the tee! sweet!