Friday, December 12, 2008

Winter Thoughts...Bolivian Coffee...

It's definitely winter here in West Michigan. It's unbelievably cold outside, my room mate is playing some Christmas music on vinyl, and I'm sitting here with my Mr. Potato Head (Christmas Edition) enjoying cup after cup of the planet's best coffee.

You did read that correctly. I may just have found the best coffee I've tasted thus far in my life. It's called "Bolivia's Best," and it's 100% fair-trade goodness straight from the Andes Mountains. Aside from generating some pretty kick-butt coffee, Bolivia's Best is all about helping the orphaned and abandoned children of Bolivia. I heard all about Bolivia's Best from Mallory Timmer, A recent-and pretty rad-friend at Hope College who gave me a bag to try. The Timmers are actually the family who started the operation, and you can read all about it here. Needless to's great coffee, it's for a phenomenal cause, started by a truly amazing family.

So try it! Click here and order some fo' yo'self.

On the other hand, I've found myself in some sort of a small dilemma. Winter is here, and I've taken the Rig apart, planning on building up a wheel set before next season. Another change I plan to make is a fresh new Carbon flat bar. This is precisely where I find myself stuck. The dilemma? Indecisiveness. There are a few that I can go with, and mostly it's going to come down to color. Care to help me Decide?

The Bontrager Race XXX lite || The FSA K-Force XC Flat || The Salsa Pro Moto Carbon

Those are the choices...for some reason I couldn't upload pictures...Hope College tells me I've exceeded my bandwidth.

Also. The Day the Earth Stood Still comes out today, and I'm most definitely seeing it tonight.


a.lo said...

Pro Moto... but it's got the sweep that I thought you were trying to avoid. But it's hot like salsa.


oldmanandhisbike said...

Good seeing you again at the race on Sunday. I am a big fan of home brewed coffee and I will definitely give the Boliva's Best a try; thanks for the heads up.
I am putting my vote in for the KSA K-force. I have the same bar in the riser version on my single speed and it is rock solid. And I use the K-Force bar for my road bike too. Really love that bar. The hand positions are perfect for my riding style.
Check out both the 1951 version of "TDTESS" and the new. Let me know which one you like better!

a.lo said...

good to see you too... heck of a race to say the least.

fortunately, we've got a couple of people posting on here besides myself and i too am going to try this boliva's best.

see ya at the snow cross i'm sure.