Tuesday, January 13, 2009

American Winter Exercise.

Now, I first must apologize. One, for the extremely poor quality photo [via my 2 year old Motorola Sliver mobile] and two for what may follow. This post really has nothing to do with cycling but it is more of a observation from my morning.

With that said. These next two days I have off from the shop. Which can and can not be a blessing as to how I choose to spend my free time. Lots on the list of things to do and hopefully get done. A few bikes to clean up, take apart, reorganize and so on but also hopefully getting some longer rides in and some much needed reading.

For the last 6 months are so I've had the privilege to meet Tuesday mornings for a few hours with Steve Carter. He is up until this coming Thursday part of Mars Hill community as the head of the kids through college ministries, after Thursday he is moving to California to become one of the voices at Rock Harbor. Our time has been spent talking about how to bring about the world we so desire to see here and now to life, what it means to pursue and live out the best kind of life, and how 7th and 8th graders can realize who Christ is and what that means for their lives. We studied for his teachings and tossed ideas back and forth. I am privileged to call him a friend, a mentor, who has challenged me to think in ways and about things with his sage like wisdom.

I digress. Saying all this to say that Steve suggested a book today. Art and Fear by D. Bayles and T. Orland... I'm extremely intrigued by it. As with so many of the books Steve has suggested I'm sure it's going to be a great read. After our time together, I headed towards the local Barnes and Noble [is it just me or is that an interesting way to refer to a national chain that takes out real local small businesses?] to see if they had the book in stock. In Grandville Michigan, the B&N is connected to a mall and unfortunately that mall didn't open until 10, I got there at 9:40.

I decided to go inside and find a bench just to process through some of the other things that we spoke about today. The funny thing about sitting there, is I soon realized I was not alone by any means. I looked up and saw countless [yes, I lost count] on the amount of mall walkers there were. In pairs, pushing strollers, with their iPods in hand. And because of the amount of people there, I did feel compelled to join in. But I might add with a little reluctance since I didn't know if I wearing the right attire [much like showing up to fixie ride with a bunch of hipsters oddly enough] so I begun by snapping some pictures with my mobile.

This did get very exciting, much like the mullet hunting of my past. Some people in 80's jogging suits, some in blue jeans, but two people did stand out. One mall walker must have killed Chewy or gotten a hold of some poor ewok for her fashionable mall walking boots. Then there was what looked to be someone in their 70's with a nice navy blue 80's jogging suit on, his jacket unzipped with a 'A-neck' shirt on underneath only to top it off with some bling. a thick silver necklace with a big ol' dollar bill medallion.

Oh, I was inspired. I decided join in and make a lap. Only to realize that I was not obeying some unstated or known rules of the mall walker. I was getting lapped on both sides, a casual pace was not accepted, but a speed walk was frowned upon. I made my way to the outside of the unmarked 'lanes' of the mall-track. Soon enough, I passed and got to overhear and see an old man leaning against the rail making cat calls to other mall walking women around the same again has him. Smooth, let me tell you. I thought I should actually sit down and take notes because this was man who was very experienced in this specialized art form.

All in all, it did make for a great way to start the day and really, that's all I can really ask for. Especially on a day off.


bluecolnago said...

(some) older guys have a style with the ladies that can't be ignored. it's good that you were able to experience it first hand. i hope you took good notes.... ;)

oldmanandhisbike said...

You will be there someday! But not before Blue and I! HA.
Hey, before buying at B&N next time, check out Argo's used books in Easttown or any of the other good used books shops in GR. If you want to be green-er, fight the urge to purchase new and especially, from the Wal-Mart of books.
Bet yet, get yourself a card at the GR Library (cool place downtown next to Community College) and just check it out. Saves at least one new tree from falling in the woods.
P.S. I love to people watch at the Mall! And airports. O'Hare? The best!
P.S.2 I have been swamped so no go on the CX brakes yet but I will get over there eventually!

a.lo said...

Yeah. Unfortunately the convenience of Rivertown being right by the evil empire (Starbucks) in Grandville was too easy. Trust me, you're preaching to the choir on this one, my mother runs a local bookstore back in Iowa.

I'll have to make my way downtown next time.