Friday, January 23, 2009

Back on the horse.

Well, I'll admit here and now 2009 has not started off all that strong with getting miles in on the bike for Trans Iowa and for commuting as a whole. Sure, we got a good amount of snow this month along with a nice arctic chill and I did visit Iowa for the first part of the month but really? It's all excuses. Miles need to be had, one way or another.

Fortunately, with such reflection it has motivated me. No more excuses, time to make it happen. And so anyone in the GR area who sees me out in my car, ask me why... please. Not so that I can then attempt to craft my latest excuse but to hold me accountable. Sure, there will be certain days that I need to drive for longer trips, or if I need to pick someone up but my goal from now until the end of February is to put less than 150 miles on the Xbox. I'll update later with the amount of miles I have on it right now.

Anyways. Yesterday at the shop was a big day for most shops. Once the winter lull hits some times the days can drag, slowly running out of things to clean or reorganize but just in the nick of time one company saves the day... In much of the same excitement and enthusiasm of Billy Madison on nudie magazine day, the bicycle distributor QBP sends out there 2009 dealer book/catalog. A giddiness that occurs in grown men that is not the most appropriate to say the least... but if you work at shop, you understand and really... that's all that matters.

One last observation from yesterday. I was thumbing through a VeloNews and there was a picture of Levi Leipheimer that made me realize that he had a striking resemblelance to Tom Louiso, of High Fidelity fame. Dare I say body double? I might be late to notice such a similarity but I'm not a roadie so deal with it!

Tom or Levi? Levi or Tom? Tom or Levi? Levi or Tom?

This might just develop into a new game for me... who might play Ivan Basso? Or good ol' George Hincapie or Floyd Landis? There could even be a MTB verison starring Zach de la Rocha as Tinker Juarez. With cameo appearances by Eddie Merckx and Lance Armstrong.


Ryan said...

1) I will make sure to heckle you TWICE as much if I see your car at work!
2) We got the QBP catolog today and it was majorly exciting. I almost texted you to say we got it, thats how excited I was!

Jeff DeMaagd said...

Did you ride today A.Lo?