Friday, May 23, 2008

Reason Number 1:

Now, I don't know if there really are that many reasons why it sucks to work at a shop, nor do I want to say that working at a shop is epically different than any other specialty retailers... it is really more of an over statement on my part as to why it's difficult to work at a shop. Many people know this but working at any retailer that you also greatly love the product often the pay check doesn't make it out the door very far.

One of the many reasons for this is simply that we work everyday with goods that we'd really like to have of our own, even if we have some thing very similar, although I'm started to think that this feeling is ingrained in us Americans at a very young age which is not a good thing by any means. Well, today at the shop we got in a few of the urban bikes from Trek. Which of course, just by their very nature are up my alley. IN [intentional capitalization for added emphases] particular, the Soho S.

To start out it has two things going for it... it's Kerkove Nation Black along with being equipped with a flip flop hub for both fixie or SS. The geometry is amazing, and set up proper with bolt on wheels. The only thing it is missing for me would be Ergon Grips, Surly chain tensioner and an Inform saddle.

Now, fortunately I have talked some sense into myself and I won't be getting this bike anytime soon. I have to send some things to Bottke first and then we'll reevaluate.

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