Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Going out on top

The knee that I complained about in the past has proven to be my undoing. I rested it for a two full weeks and followed RICE to the letter of the law even throwing in lots of stretching. Yesterday was my first attempt at riding, and with a weekend of racing ahead wanted just stretch the legs and try one or two bursts to see how my knee responded. The entire time I rode I felt good, the knee continued to feel good and felt its best at the end of the ride. At home I stretched and iced it again popped my nightly allotment of ibuprofen and called it a night thinking I was back on top and recovering well. To my dismay I woke up before my alarm to a lot of tightness and pain in my knee, WTF. After a few panicked minutes I got dressed and began making the needed calls to see a Doc. It now seems likely that I have a torn meniscus and could be off the bike for 2+ months depending on when the potential surgery happens. I have an MRI Tuesday morning to determine the extent of the damage and find out if it is the meniscus or if I am just some giant wuss. I hope to continue to contribute to the blog, just not in an I'm riding context. Good luck to A.Lo land Brian. I will keep the blog updated on what happens. Big weekend in the MIscene with TdL and Gaslight.

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