Wednesday, May 14, 2008

DZ Days and DZ Nuts

DZ days I am taking it very easy and feel like I am in a second off season. Healing up the knee has kept me off of the bike since last Tuesday, and I am quite possibly going crazy after going out to Grattan to watch the local training series/world championships of the greater Grand Rapids area. It was the first road race I have been to since September and I forgot how much I love the whole scene. Just hearing the whoosh of the pack fly by on the first lap brought on goose bumps, I love the sound of deep wheels at 25+ mph. It looked like tough night out there as both fields blew to pieces with chase groups all over the track. The knee seems to be healing up well and isn't really bugging me I just am not going to take any chances. As excited as I am about getting back at it I am even more excited that shortly after I get back on the bike this will be released. Getting my fitness back will probably require some longer rides and what better way to remain comfortable than using the latest Dave Zabriskie cycling tool. I thought it was a joke at first but upon inspection I found that it appears to be legit and I predict it will be a hit for no other reason than Dave's personality coupled with the product name I will give it a shot. Not really the reason you buy a product that is supposed to protect sensitive areas during long rides, but oh well.


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