Saturday, May 3, 2008

No Excuses

I knew I would get into trouble with this one. This seems like a week of excuses, the big one being my knee needs to heal. About three weeks back I banged it up pretty good and ever since it has been giving me problems. I finally decided this week I was going to look at the big picture and only ride a couple of days just to keep the driving and riding miles even. I actually find it annoying to get in my car every morning and drive to work. What is worse is not being able to ride home. Butterworth Drive isn't all that scenic, but it has become a relaxing spin home especially now that my commute seems to be in sync with a herd of deer that cross the road and hang out in a field a couple miles into the ride. My knee is healing and feels ten times better than last Sunday when I didn't dare ride more than 10 miles due to the pain and irritation it was causing. Hopefully next week the mileage will begin to creep up again so that I can get this behind me and concentrate on parking the car more often. It would also be nice to not loose some of the best form I have had in my life as well, but oh well hopefully it at least sticks around as a base. Speaking of no excuses A.Lo took down the prize for no trips under two miles, if you would like ask him how he more or less stole the poster from a good Samaritan just trying to make sure his friends got home safe, haha. Congrats on the win and closing the gap in mileage, I'll be back.


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