Friday, February 15, 2008

sweet and sour...

Holy you cow! Bottke is still alive and from the looks of it is either God-like or an extra in The Invisible. But it's good to have him back, if only for his second post.

So I've stumbled onto a few things that are pretty cool and one pretty bad thing. Fortunately for you, there's videos!

The Sweets.

There is a new bike I've begun. Let's just say, it'll be a very slow build because this will be my dream bike. No regrets on this one. Pictures soon to follow.

I've started to frequent a few new sites, one of them being There I landed on this video preview for macaframa. It looks to be in the spirit of some BMX videos but there is just some thing smooth about this. Watch. Enjoy.

The Sour.

I was told about this story from KGB. You might remember him from a post or two and his willingness to 'reenact' certain abuses of bicycle parts. Check out the article from Velonews. Check out the video of the Attack of the abominable snow [plow] man at Jeff's blog. Looks like this Jeff and I share a mutual friend.

I'm looking forward to figuring out what this years challenge will be. Unfortunately it's taken longer than I'd hope but at the same time, weather here in Michigan has made it very difficult to do anything besides indoor riding but I've got the weekend free, so I might pull one of the fixies out at take her for a spin.

If you're in the Grand Rapids area on Sunday March 2nd there is going to be the Grand Rapids Bicycle Film Festival from 1-5 at Wealthy St. Theather. Here's a listing of the film schedule:

1: 15 PM _ Team Rwanda - The trailer features the team training in Rwanda and competing in the Cape Epic Mountain Bike Race in South Africa.
1:25 PM _ Mashers Media Presents: BMX Crashes
1:30 PM _ Singletrack Minds - Documentary of MTB origins & the hiker/biker struggle to coexist in Marin County, CA
2:00 PM _ Mashers Media Presents: Tailwinds Cyclocross Series
2:15 PM _ Griped Films Presents: 24 Solo -One man's quest for a 7th World Title
3:30 PM _ Intermission
3:40 PM _ Pedal - A fast paced documentary about surviving in the streets of NYC as a bicycle messenger by Peter Sutherland.
4:35 pm _ Mashers Media presents: Iceman Bike Race

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