Friday, February 29, 2008

Another one bites the dust.

Ladies and Gentleman, I am very pleased to introduce the one and only Geoff K, GBK or KGB as I like to refer to him as. Geoff joins in on all the fun, one because he wants a challenge and two figures he can add some thing to the blog-o-sphere... We'll see.

KGB knows stuff, a lot of stuff so it is really any coincidence that his initials are what they are. Be careful, he's probably got stuff on you!

In all seriousness, Geoff is a great guy; knowledgeable, funny [I mean, we all have our moments =)], and rides... A LOT. Oh, did I mention he rides primary only single speeds and rigid off-road[as seen in this stellar pictures to the right]. He's like Mr. 24 in that he lays down the hurt. Not only will he be joining us in the commuting challenge, I will now name him our official race/tech/hurt train correspondent.

Enough said, it's great to have another join us.

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