Tuesday, February 19, 2008

crank it up.

Tuesdays equal Day off... Which I have no complaints about other than the fact that no one else I know is free on Tuesdays during the day, so often I'm flying solo. Today will consist of shoveling the blast of winter that we got last night, haircut, and then heading into the shop at some point to mess around with the Salsa Size-o-Matic on the Ferrous so I know what Thomson stem to order to go along with the ever so sweet Surly Torsion Bar.

Yesterday I did get a little some thing for the rig. I didn't plan on getting this until later because I was still weighing options but it was a deal I couldn't refuse. It's the Race Face X-type Deus XC Crankset. I've already taken off the rings and replaced it with a 32T Rocket Chainring. It's smooth, real smooth. Pictures of the bike to come.

The chainrings/bolts I took off are for sale also... $50 [includes shipping]... 44/32/22 4-bolt. Interested? Email me, adamlorenz@gmail.com

Depending on the road conditions, I've decided I just might take one of my fixies out. We'll see, they both still have slicks on them.

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