Friday, January 18, 2008


Tonight, I did some thing that I've never done before. It was trainer ride at the shop and a few of us shop rats stayed around and brought the pain... And wow, it was a new experience to say the least; although throughly enjoyable. I'm looking forward to next weeks rides, yes rides as I continue to prep for getting it handed to me by GF. Interesting to note if you look closely not only can you see my well maintained male body but that I'm sporting my Smith's jersey so as always my hat goes over to Chad and Clay over at Happy Mutant Multisport.

[Sorry no power graphs or outputs like Mr. 24 but really what does that do for you? =)]

In a side note my roommate Joe, made this video a few days ago as part of Pepto Bismol contest... yeah, living with a comedian is pretty fun.

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devin said...

Wow what a plug for the shop.. Now if only we can get our own in shop rides going.