Monday, January 14, 2008

farewell old friend.

It was not that long ago that we were first introduced. It was love at first sight although only from a distance. First intrigued by the your skidmark counterpart, your black goodness found it's way straight to my heart. You came to me from the north, from a land that has produced such good things as Kevin McHale and Jesse Ventura; with a name that can only bring a smile to this broken heart of mine. I outfitted you with all my favorites: BB7's, Ergon grips, Cateye Wireless, Nanoraptors, Handbuilt wheels from G. Ted himself and all those incredible Surly products.

As time often does, this love always remained but I was not able to give you the love that you so deserved. You sat patiently, waiting, waiting for the days of short commutes and the occasional days playing in the mud. Yet, not often enough was I able to meet your needs. Love does not have a price but some times it helps us to part ways. Some might say it's destiny that our ways now must part, but as the near-ancient proverb tells us...

'From the box we come, to the box we shall return.'

You will never be forgotten or truly replaced.

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Scott Behrends said...

i have always liked the looks of that bike as well!