Monday, January 14, 2008

possible 2008 challenge

So... most people make New Years Resolutions on New Years, some don't. Typically, I don't, I have but like everyone else in the world, I have never successfully accomplished those goals for the coming here.

If you haven't noticed that the normal 'monthly rules' is gone, instead there is a '2008 rules' in it's place. Although I'm sure that there will be monthly challenges along the way, but some thing in me wants a bigger challenge, some thing that underlines the whole concept of this blog. And yes, you might agree and know that at the base of all of this blog was a few things, a love for cycling and more importantly to put action to conviction.

But a few days ago, I emailed Brian proposing a few possible ideas for this 'grander' challenge:

_ more miles on the bike than in car.
_ fixie/ss race... 'dam the dome' [more needs to be said about this, just a little dream of ours during a inaugural ride for my first fixie]
_commute 3 out of 4 days, minimum.

Thoughts? Ideas? Additions?

I hope to have the challenges finalized by next Saturday. I'm also committing to much more frequent posting as I was before. No more teasing.

There are two things I'll end with... after much debate, I've decided to part ways with my beloved 2007 Lemond Poprad 57cm. Everything is stock on it besides the tires that I switched out to Bontrager Satellite Plus 700×32 tires, the stem which was upgrade to a Bontrager Race and removed the Crosstop levers. I’m selling it for $1000 + shipping [usually around $70]. Interested? I know you are... email me with questions/offers/more pictures at Coming in late February, Gary Fisher, yes, that Gary Fisher is coming to Grand Rapids and I've been given the opportunity to go for a ride with him. Needless to say, I have around a month to get myself into some sort of riding shape as to not have my ass handed to me by a 57 year old. Good luck, right?


Scott Behrends said...

i like the bike more miles than drive idea. i wasn't able to keep up with your last challenge since i was driving with the fam. i have been commuting every day to work though ... only a 4.5 mile round trip. i don't have a SS/Fixie so i'm out for the race, but it would be sweet! hope all is well

a.lo said...

I'd say you can scratch th 'family miles'... that is of course, unless your willing to ride the tandem with a trailer as to really prove yourself =)

Double miles earned for that... only if you're able and willing to take out small furry animals and old women!

Scott Behrends said...

we did ride it until the temps dropped below 50. we then figured it would be to cold for ben! can't wait for spring!

a.lo said...

never too young to grow some hair on his chest =)