Saturday, June 18, 2011

What is Bike Polo?

It was recently asked by the one and only Captain Bob after the last post on a lesson on marketing - 'what is bike polo? is it a poly blended bike jersey with three buttons and a collar?'

And the answer is... if only. Actually poly blend might be a great way to explain bike polo: one part traditional polo, one part street hockey/lacrosse, add a little mountain bike/bmx bike control, a sprinkle of punk and heckling and you start to get a sport that looks and feels a lot like bike polo.

But in all seriousness since repeatedly watching the video below, which is from a tournament down in Lafayette a few months back, I think it sums up bike polo in a way very few polo videos have. Plus... there's some of the GR Polo/Velocity crew in it and you can't beat that!

Interested in seeing Bike Polo first hand? Check out and the clubs section to find your local bike polo club.

Lafayette Riverside Bike Polo Tournament from Kevin Daly on Vimeo.

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