Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A lesson in marketing.

Here is a lesson in marketing. One of things anyone designing ads or promotion hopes for is the head turn or that lasting thought. Simply causing the person interacting with advertisement to want to know more, to explore, to find a website.

I recently added a pin to my backpack, that seems to do just that. I received it from one of my co-workers after they went to a bike polo tournament down in Louisville. The Louisville crew unashamedly claim to be 'the most sinful polo club in America' - which I believe no one dares object or compete with.

The club simply loves to have a good time on and off the court. They also are intentionally or unintentionally brillant marketers of the sport.

The pin on my bag states:
God Hates Bike Polo
I love this pin. Some might be surprised by this being that I serve at a church and am full-time at seminary. Sure, I could go on about on if there was was a sport God loves, it would be bike polo-since I believe in a God who is always with the underdog, the marginalized, and the oppressed. Heck, I even firmly believe that if there is a reason for God, it's the Chicago Cubs or at least for the sake of myself and fellow Cub fans but that's another tangent for another day.

The brillance of this pin lays in the fact that all of us have unfortunately have encountered 'protesters' sporting huge signs and often yelling at bystanders saying things like 'God hates...
this... that... and the other'. These people always leave a bad taste in our mouths, some thing deep inside of all of us knows that there is some thing wrong with what they are saying and we can help but feel as if they have a distorted view of who God is.

These signs and protesters do challenge us to engage. To ask why? Or what?

When I sport this pin at my school, at the church I serve, or simply around... people respond. Often with laughter, but more of the question of what is bike polo?

And that my friend, is brillant marketing.

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Captain Bob said...

ok, i gotta know, what is a bike polo? is it a poly blended bike jersey with three buttons and a collar? sounds very uncomfortable....... :-)