Friday, August 7, 2009


Ok, yesterday's post I finished with remembering the common thread we all share: We love riding. But if there is one segment of the cycling family that I struggle with, and well, I know I'm not alone in this but few will admit to it... the triathlete. I guess, I don't mean to go after the rider but more the steed.

I'm guilty, like many, of cruising many of the cycling companies this time of year and checking out what they are releasing for the coming year. The latest and greatest, even if I don't sell it or stock it, it's always interesting to see where the industry is heading and who is pushing it. A few days back I was over at Giants website and saw the bike pictured above. The Trinity Advanced SL. And all I can really say is... really? really?


Granted this isn't being billed as a tri bike but I know it's got to be turning the heads of many a tri-geek. I honestly have no idea how to respond to this bike other than to say it makes me think of an aircraft carrier with wheels on it, all it needs is the Top Gun theme song playing in the background.

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