Friday, March 6, 2009

One night (track) stand.

Wednesday night turned out to be a rather warm night by Michigan standards, so R2 and I decided to hit up the Grand Rapids weekly Wednesday night ride around 9:30. It was turning out wonderful, I had a free schedule, was very energetic, and had an itch to ride. Except...I didn't have a fixie. So, after a quick run around Holland after (I just said "after" again...) closing the shop to find another somebody else that had a Surly 15t cog in was home to assemble the beauty at the right.

Meet Trixie! She's my one night track stand from last night. A one night only sort of deal, since I have plans for the wheels and crank for a different bike, and yet another plan for this frame. It was all good fun, but now it's over, and I happened to snap a picture of her before she left for good. I'll miss her.

....In all seriousness it was good to get my fix Wednesday night and ride. R2 and I rode with the rest of the group, about 10 people, until we headed down an enormous hill and my lock ring started slipping, and needless to say....we lost the group. we made out own little ride, though, and just rode aimlessly around the city, up and down a parking garage, and R2 decided to end on an enormous hill that made my legs feel jello-esque. It makes me itchy to get out and ride when it warms up a little.

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