Monday, March 9, 2009

Gearing up to get down.

So it begins... The countdown as been going for some time but as they say... it just got real. With that I'm starting the process of what I need and don't need. To begin with I'll be starting with just the suggested listed off of the Trans Iowa site. Here is what I'll tentatively be taking with me, I've linked up if you really want to see specifically I'll be running:

  • Small rucksack / hydration pack CHECK.
  • Lightweight waterproof / windproof top CHECK
  • Extra thermal top or warm layer to wear if stopped CHECK
  • 2 litres of water either in a bladder or water bottles NEED TO GET and CHECK
  • Food – for example energy bars, gels or chocolate WILL GET
  • A good pump CHECK
  • Tyre levers CHECK
  • 2 spare inner tubes CHECK
  • Puncture repair kit CHECK
  • Chain splitter, Allen key set, Spoke wrench NEED TO GET
  • First aid kit and survival blanket NEED TO GET
  • Mobile phone / money for pay-phone CHECK
  • Butt butter....ahhhhh smooooth! NEED TO GET
  • Good chain lube. Don't under-estimate Iowa's harsh conditions in the Spring. CHECK
  • Cash, debit card, credit card. Use these items to get items on the road to complete the route. CHECK
  • Handle bar map case NEED TO GET
  • a cycling computer CHECK

Of course as I get all of this in the next month I'll be carrying it with me and seeing what I can do to lower the weight. Any ideas or thoughts on different things I should or shouldn't take I'm always willing to hear.

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