Friday, March 27, 2009

A Friday Teaser

Hi! I'm Adam and I have a problem. Project Red started way back in the late fall when it got too nasty outside to ride Red outside. Sure, at the beginning I teased that there were only a few things that I'd be doing and well, one thing always leads to another and I decided to mess with the wheels a bit. After that I have to order one more part and Project Red V.1 will be done for this year, and you read right, there will be a version 2.0 next off-season.

I stumbled onto this quote a few weeks back and haven't really found a good way to throw it out there but since we're talking about Red and fixies today, it's close enough for me...

'If you truly like riding fixies, your world becomes inverted. Everything you previously loved, you come to loathe. Long fast downhills are miserable. It takes everything you've got just to keep your legs pumping in time with the speed of the wheels. Berms and jumps? You avoid them. Catching air on a fixie is a tragic comedy. Speed is not your friend, either. Instead, you crave slow, technical climbs and meaty downhils where you have to think through every single pedal stroke like it's an advanced calculus problem'

_ Gramhm Averill, from his artical Strange Brew in the November '08 Bike Mag.