Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cycling and Celebrations

Well, as my previous post stated. Friday the 7th was my birthday, 27 years old. We had a little gathering Saturday night but there were two things that really made me smile in the last few days.

This first one, a bit awkward I'll admit, on Friday I woke up, laying up in my bed thinking, somewhat evaluating the last year. The ups and downs, the things I've pursued and where life has simply taken me. Somehow in this reflecting moment, it dawned on me. 27 years ago and 9 months ago I won my first race...



Zing! I just went there. Still makes me laugh.

The second thing that has brought a smile to my face [besides all the birthday wishes, and thank you I might add] came in the means of the Schwinn Super Sport you see in the picture above. This was given to me out of the blue by Roon at the shop. Roon simply a great guy and extremely fun to work with, he had brought this in a few nights before and I had mentioned to him that if he ever felt like getting rid of it to let me know, we'd talk. Friday, I get into work and it's there sitting there for me. Not as a birthday gift [he didn't know it was my birthday until later in the evening] but just simply as a friendly jester.

So yes, you might be thinking... what does he need with another bike? And yes, I don't need another bike but... I got it free. She's a pretty one and in great shape. It's pretty much stock, it has a Brooks saddle on it [B15 not 17] and a generator light set. I have no means to get rid of it. But I am going to do a bit of 'tweaking' to it and when I'm finished it'll end up looking some thing like this. I'm currently in search of a silver front rack and am debating making one using this method... any ideas or help in tracking a proper rack down?

Of course, over the course of the next you'll see the transformation. So stay tuned.

Once again, thank you to everyone who sent me emails and birthday wishes via Facebook, it's always difficult to send sincere thank yous and allow people know how much simple messages do wonders, but thank you.

And those of you who are battling the very infectious disease of track bikes, feed the infection by checking out fyxomatosis. 4 out of 5 doctors recommend it.

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The Jackal said...

Well. Zing, you did go there. It's nice that you can recall winning the first race that you were ever in. :)