Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snow + Commuting = Snomuting?

Today was the first time that I really, honestly commuted in the snow this entire winter. 

...although, to my credit, there hasn't been any snow yet this season. 

I've been trying to commute this season as much as I can. We've been lucky to have had a very mild season so far. In fact, it's been so nice that I recently (yes, as in January recently) took this picture of one of my bikes. I call her Penny. 

Aside from the gang tag on the wall....I was very happy about this. Not because I like my bike...but because I had a T-shirt on. 

Today....was a different story. I used a different bike. 

Let's just say it was colder. 

It was a fun ride, nonetheless, and I found that even though it was bone-chilling cold out, I DID notice a a few things.

  1. People don't know how to drive when it snows. Yes....we all say that....but you notice more things as you pass by accidents on a bike. You're just plain not moving as fast. Take for instance....the tire marks leading up to the crash, or the types of vehicles involved (preeeety much always an SUV).
  2. People don't know how to ride when it snows. Let's just say I saw more people walking their bikes to class on the unpaved sidewalk than attempting to ride them. Why bring the bike, anyway? Or myself...thinking that for some reason when I was getting chased by a dog (same. angry. dog. every. morning.) I kicked up the cadence just to find that my rear wheel broke loose and I started sliding...into a trash can. (Did I just admit that?)
  3. I need to dress better for the weather. Ok....So I rode in jeans. Bad Idea. Don't do it.
  4. Commuting in any weather can be fun. No matter what the terrain....for some reason a bike is just plain a more enjoyable way to get there. Heck...on a bike, when you start sliding or fishtailing down the street....you grin and try to do it again. In a car? Yeah....ya' freak out.

I'll be commuting and posting a lot more throughout the coming year...more about the realities of commuting rather than the mere fact that it was snowing today. 


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