Saturday, January 5, 2013

NDJR/20 Liters: The Final Miles - Part 1


First a few thank you's to Drew Johnson and Sarah Kole who over the break donated to 20 Liters, pushing the total up to 235% raised! It's hard to express how blown away I am by all of you who have supported this and have simply asked questions about why I am doing it.

Humbled and thankful.

As you've noticed, there has been a break in riding - first there was finals week at seminary, then right onto driving to Iowa for a week back with the family for the holidays. Now, I'm back in Holland. Classes haven't started back up and I get to spend a few days back in town before I head to the other side the world for 10 days. No joking, I'm heading to India for a J-term class.

As I settled in for a few days, I couldn't help but play in my parts bins - reorganize a bit, which then of course means changing some parts around on the bikes. From the picture above, you can see Red got the crank changed out on her and due to the extremely mild winter we are having so far I was able to put some miles on it as I ran around town to do some errands.

Going from coffee shop to school to the library to some food to the bank to then back to school since I forgot a few things. I discovered after putting the route in the computer had gone slightly over 9 miles! Crazy. But it was good to get back on the bike.

27 miles to go!
Totals to date:

Miles Friday: 9.2 miles
Overall miles: 112.6 miles

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