Monday, September 20, 2010

Thumbs Down!

A few weeks ago, I did my initial thoughts on my new DVS/Cadence shoe. I was extremely excited to be getting these as replacements for my Adidas Sambas. Since they were designed around and with cycling in mind, I expected that these would easily hold up to the normal daily wear and tear along with my normal riding.

First, let’s look at the pedals I used with these shoes…

Cannondale Grind pedals on my polo bike.

MKS Touring Lite pedals from the Voyageur.

Red’s All-City pedals with All-City toe clips and double straps.

Basic platform pedals on my Racer.

Now, let me let the shoe do the talking.

Keep in mind, these are around a month old and used for daily use, and going as far to be intentional in untying and tying the shoes when taking them off. Not only is the sole of the shoe apart on the side, the bottom of the shoe is coming unglued. The back ‘Friday’ decal on the back of right shoe, disappeared one day, and the seem on the back upper heals of the shoe also have been ‘shedding’. All of this saddens me greatly, these have been extremely comfortable and work great with the toe clips on Red. I have had DVS shoes in the past and have held up extremely well.

I expected more from both DVS and Cadence, I’ll continue to wear these but don’t expect them to make it through the fall. Any suggestions on what should be next?

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Ryan said...

Sambas, Vans, and I have heard good stuff about the Chrome shoes now too. Its a real bummer when Shoes fall apart so early, especially ones that are meant for cycling.