Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1 Studio :: 7 bikes

Hi, I'm Adam and I have a problem. I have this thing with bikes. Call it obsession, call it what you like. There is just some thing about this simple machine that gets me. On my last post on the newest addition to the family, SiouxGeonx commented:
[...] Six bikes in an apartment... yea, that's a squeeze! Not sure how I'd give up an Xtra
It dawned on me I could share a little of my new abode to show off how I've done my best to maximize the space I have and store the bikes.

Here are the first 4: the Voyageur, 'Cross bike, Red and the Monkey

The Bike Polo bike, which isn't much go home about, although it's a US made Fisher.

And the Hon.

Sorry for the blurry pictures, my camera was acting up and I didn't feel like fighting with it. In the end, sure, I could get rid of a few bikes which would allow for the remaining to be rode more often. I'm sure you can see why it made sense to part ways with the Xtracycle kit. Although I'll let you guess which ones I might never let go of, each are special... in their own way.

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