Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Introducing Alxndr Jones

Well, over the past few months I've been keeping an eye out to find another person to add to the No Drive crew to contribute to this little mess of a blog, errr revolution, we've got going. Geoff, Brian and Tom are great friends of mine and will still contribute. Still, having another consistent voice in this was some thing I've greatly desired to find.

Enter an old friend and basically younger brother of sorts in Alxndr Jones, or Alex. I've known Alex since he was simply an awkwardly tall 7th graders with a fro when I was a youth leader at a church back in Iowa. Alex is a storyteller and artist, and that's really the best way to say it and in the last year he has really gotten the itch for cycling. I've followed him on many of his blogs but what made me want him to join in on No Drive was his cycling site called Iowa Commuter.

He's the fresh air I believe we need here to once again reclaim the manifesto that has really given us direction for this thing in the past. Alex is a newbie and knows it. He doesn't know all the technical terms but he loves his bike, Lucy, and that's really what this is all about. He's recently moved back up to Minneapolis, which has a great cycling community and it'll be great to hear stories about other cities besides Grand Rapids and Cedar Falls. Plus it gives me an excuse to have an Saturday Night ride there this summer some time or even have a C Series ride up there at some point. I'm sure you're going to enjoy his posts!

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