Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Be on the look out!

Now, the picture on the left only gives you an idea of what is in the works by a former co-worker from Alger, Dan Martinek [or Teddy as many know him as]. Dan has been around the industry for a long while from spending time up in the land of the Uppers to time here in GR to time out in the Bike Mecca [Portland, OR for those of you completely out of the loop]. He's rubbed shoulders with some of the best of frame builders, like Ira Ryan, and from spending this past summer I can attest that he is one damn fine wrench.

Martinek has had this little cargo bike project in the works and after stopping by the old shop I was informed that the first prototype is nearing completion. Which is pretty exciting him but also for us, Dan from early on has hinted that No Drive will be receiving to ride, test and bang up against a few curbs.

I can't wait to get some real teaser photos but trust that they will be on the way with this yet to be named cargo bike company.

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