Friday, September 11, 2009

REPORT: Politician known for harsh motorist laws arrested in brutal hit-and-run death

This article was posted on Facebook from a friend of mine, the one and only R2. It's short but nevertheless, shocking. Check out it here, or the original New York Times Article here.

REPORT: Politician known for harsh motorist laws arrested in brutal hit-and-run death
by Chris Shunk

Former Ontario, Canada Attorney General Michael Bryant made a name for himself as a tough-nosed lawmaker that took a hard line against street racing. Among Bryant's hard stance anti-racer policies was a law that gave the police the right to crush any car that was modified for racing – even if the vehicle had no complaints against it. If a report from The New York Times is true, Mr. Bryant could ironically spend the rest of his life behind bars for a brutal hit-and-run accident involving a bicyclist.

The incident reportedly began as a minor event and quickly escalated. Bryant allegedly brushed the bicyclist while he was driving, who then held on to the driver's side door of his black Saab convertible. Witnesses told a local Canadian television station that Bryant was heard swearing and swerving in an apparent attempt to shake the biker from his door. Bystanders told police that Bryant was driving on the sidewalk near lamp posts at a high rate of speed, in an apparent attempt to knock the biker off.

The incident ended with the bicyclist, Darcy Allen Sheppard, striking a mailbox. Sheppard later died due to injuries sustained from the accident. According to the NYT, Bryant went to a nearby hotel after the incident where he was later arrested for what appears to be a most heinous hit-and-run incident. It looks like Bryant was right when he said that cars could be as dangerous as explosives...

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oldmanandhisbike said...

Amazing. And sad. Someone had to pay with their lives again, for wanting to ride a bike.
What a complete scumbag. I hope this guy gets put in a cell with one of the "streetracers" caught by his hard stance. He might have to adapt a new "stance" of his own!
Nothing pisses me off more, right or left, than hypocrites. People who portray themselves as a lawmaker and then, break the laws in such a senseless and tragic way.