Tuesday, September 1, 2009

CSI: No Drive Edition

My last web-surfing session of night, which I might add I was catching some pretty gnarly hits and cache with a few cookies via some pretty sweet sites [exhibits A, B, & C], I happened to wandered over to a site that I check a few times a month in order to flip through the monthly copies of their magazine called Urban Velo. What caught my eye besides some stellar articles and pictures was an ad from GR's very own Velocity USA. Nothing overly flashy [as you can see from the picture below; exhibit D], it looked to be simply a picture from their wheel building area from the Velocity USA Headquarters that I normally see and walk through when I'm stopping over to get some wheels for customers.

Exhibit D:
What caught my eye was the arm on page 51 of Issue #15. Yes, as odd as this sounds but, the arm of the wheel builder. It looked familiar. Too familiar. After a quick search on the criminal database, I was able to run an analysis of the arm using the 2 point Photo-graphical Humeral Coronoid fossa Method of Arm to Person Identification [2P-gHCfMA2PI for short] which compares two parts of the arm that are unique to every individual and cross referencing that data with suspects in the said database. The 2P-gHCfMA2PI, as if there were any surprise, was able to confirm who the arm of pictured wheel-builder was.

Exhibit E:

The pictured arm was of illusive and hard to photograph, Founders Ales/Alger Racing Elite Rider and one of Velocity USA's stellar employees Jeff Jacobi...

Exhibit F:

In all seriousness, I have no idea if this was actually Jeff's arm or not but I did have a fun time acting like it was. Jeff is a great rider and friend, who I have been privileged to follow in the footsteps of at my shop. But enough of all of this horsing around and tomfoolery... get back to work and ride safe!


Carl Buchanan said...

You are a goofball, which is one of your coolest traits BTW.

Thanks for making me laugh out loud today, awesome post.

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