Wednesday, April 15, 2009


If the image on the left is any indication, today's post is about a fellow blogger, Fat Cyclist. I've discussed this a few times with people, often with Geoff but he always discouraged about saying anything given that it's a touchy topic but I'm finding I'm not alone in my feelings.

Today, being my day off, I was doing my normal cruising around the ol' interweb and was over at BikeSnobNYC. He is allowing a face to face meeting with the lucky winner of the new contest Fatty is putting on. Rare? Yes. For a good cause? Yes. Fatty's blog is not one that frequent all too often because I seem to always stumbled onto posts like this one on the 12th and it has always left me with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.

Yes, I'm guilty of saying 'hook a brother up' or talking about things that I'd love to get my hands on but an 'open post to...', come on! Sure, I'm a bit jealous of his success but he has also seemed to get a get out of jail free card because of the battle his wifes battle with cancer. And before you get too mad at me for poking the elephant in the room, my mother is a breast cancer survivor and all that she went through I would not wish on anyone. I believe that with more funding and awareness cancer can be better treated and maybe one day defeated. My beef has NOTHING to do with him focus on raising money for cancer research.

There is a reason people go to his blog and I'm willing to bet it's not to help him get free stuff; like: a Superfly [which I might add is not available to the 'average joe' like you or I], Oakleys, and now shoes, I'm sure there have been more but for some reason I seem to have incredible timing to stumble over to his blog at the precise time of these 'Open letters...' were posted. I know in the early days of his blog people got behind him because it was an accountability to losing weight [thus the fatcyclist] and now his fundraising efforts for LAF [which I believe the Team Fatty is a one of the major givers, which IS amazing] not to hook him up with free stuff.


In reality, things will be what they will and people will do what they may. And in cases like this, what we use the phatforms we are given is up to us, and if people listen so be it. At the end of the day,I'm just going to have to sober up realize, like the masses, I too will have to pay for the things I want.

But maybe if you all click here and I can get free donuts for a year! Sorry had to try.

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