Friday, September 12, 2008

Where I've been.

Well, for as much as I've tried I haven't been able to muster up a regular amount of posting. I kind of hinted at it a few month back on why I hadn't been posting and unfortunately I'm still working through a lot of the crap in my life. This is what I had resolved early on that would not be part of this little endeavor, that what was written here would focus on cycling or there abouts.

This last week, I can only say that I probably hit one of the lowest points in my life, unlike other hard times I didn't just keep it to myself and people came out of the woodwork to encourage, to kick me in the head [not literally of course], and remind me of the truth that is in the situation. I can't say I always heard it or wanted to sit through another talk of what someone thought was best for me but some thing happened.

I'd like to promise that I'll post more, but we'll just have to see on that. I'm shooting for 3 times a week at this point. I do have some mildly big news to share and what might lie ahead for No Drive, for now you'l just have to wait. [Do you feel this excitement building??? Me neither =)]

If you've got a minute, my roommate Joe, is a comedian, actor and all around great guy got a part in one of the videos for Nooma. This one is called Tomato, check out the preview here. He's the one on the left side eating the burrito.

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