Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Bicyclist

Just stumbled onto this little through the gang over at Urban Velo, not only a great magazine have you. This is a little online mini-series that is actually pretty addicting, but maybe that's because I'm a shop rat. I'd definitely say after watching the first 5 episodes you'll probably be hooked. Here's the trailer the series, The Bicyclist.

Maybe the best line so far for me came in Episode 15...

Conrad_ What do you say about dinner?
Stevie_ Oh, I'm busy...
Conrad_ Busy?
Stevie_ Busy.
Conrad_ Doing what?
Stevie_ None of your business, go home.
Conrad_ I thought I was home.
Stevie_ You know... you know, you're not my boyfriend and... and... even if you were you wouldn't know what I was doing every single minute of the day... you know? I'm not some dairy from Wisconsin. I'm from Oregon, we're independent women... you, you just wouldn't know. just wouldn't, you don't know me. I'm my own person. Ok? You got that? [Walks away]
Conrad_ [Confused, Baffled] I'm sorry, it was the beer talking [Holds up almost full glass]
Steve_ [Turning in frustration] Yeah? Well tell the beer to shut up! [Walks away]
Conrad_ [To glass of beer] Dude, you pissed her off. [Pause...slight smile] I can't stay mad at you [Takes a drink]

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